General Contact Lens Help

Contacts are very safe devices so long as you follow all recommended care and use guidelines and have the assistance and support of a licensed, trained, and professional eye doctor with you. But that doesn’t mean that newbies, as well as long time contact users, won’t occasionally run into some questions or have some concerns. Here are contacts help questions and answers to a few common ones.

Is my contact lens inside out?

Just put the contact lens on your finger, forming a cup. Then look at it from the side. If the lens forms a “U” with the top edges flared out, it’s inside out. If it forms just a “U,” it’s in the correct position.

Does it matter what contact goes in which eye?

Yes, it matters very much and if you get them mixed up, you’ll probably notice right away as each contact is carefully crafted to correct the vision of the particular eye that it goes in. If your vision is blurry in both eyes and you get a headache, you should probably pop them out and try again. But most eye doctors recommend forming a very specific system and putting contacts in in a particular order each time to avoid getting things confused.

Does it matter if my contacts have or don’t have UV blocking?

If your contact lenses have UV blocking, that’s great. It lowers your likelihood of developing cataracts later in life. However, no contact can handle 100% UV and you should always have a pair of sunglasses for long, sunny days outside.

The Coming of Age of the Contact Lens

Since they were first commercially available, consumer contact lenses have been moving away from long-term wear and toward shorter disposable lenses. Where did this trend come from, and what is the advantage of short-term lenses?

Originally contacts were made from very rigid, hard glass and similar materials. The contact lenses were heavy, did not let much gas pass through, accumulated protein quickly, and sat uncomfortably on the eye. This was the age of contact lenses that could fall out of your eye onto the floor and needed to be carefully looked for and found so that no one would step on them. Not only were these contacts very uncomfortable and fragile, they were also expensive to buy and replace so each pair had to last absolutely as long as possible.

When you wear contacts a long time the protein buildup becomes substantial. Protein buildup will contribute to blurrier vision through the lenses, the deterioration of the lenses themselves, and the discomfort of the eye. So elaborate cleaning regimens were developed to remove the protein from the lens. Of course the harsh fluids involved had to be fully rinsed off the lens with normal saline solution before the lenses were put back in the eye.

Nowadays this kind of rigamarole is a thing of the past. Contact lenses today are much more flexible and they weigh less, both factors contributing to the comfort of the wearer. They tend not to fall out of the eye, and they aren’t worn for such great lengths of time – lenses are used for at most 6 months at a time, and usually not more than two weeks or a month at a time. But for these medium-term lenses protein buildup is still a problem and careful cleaning and storage is still required.

Acuvue 1 day contact lenses, and other one day disposables, are the solution to that problem. As the final step in the contact evolution, they are put in fresh in the morning, worn all day and then simply discarded at night. Since you never re-wear them there is never any need to clean them or to worry about impurities or handling. They’re among the most popular lenses put out by Acuvue and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Is it possible to name the best colored lenses?

Colored lenses are fast becoming more and more popular and commonplace. For many people, choosing a colored lens has become standard whether they want to augment their existing natural eye color or try out something totally different altogether. This has led to more and more questions about what is the best choice for a colored contact lens. Is there one clear leader among colored lenses?

Different people want different things in a contact lens, and not all lenses are right for all people—therefore naming one as ‘the best’ is impossible. However, if there is one standby that we recommend in terms of quality, aesthetics, and comfort, it is definitely the Fresh Look Color Contact Lens.

Not every colored lens is created equal. Many of the colored lenses on the market have over-the-top colors that come on too strong. When you put one in your eye it’s immediately apparent to anyone who sees you that you’re wearing colored lenses. This can be a fashion statement on its own, but many people think of colored lenses the way they think of dying their hair: it’s better to fool people. For these people, Freshlook Colorblends are a great choice.

Freshlook Colorblends are made by layering three different subtle colors over each other to make a single, deep, rich shade. These go over and blend with your natural eye color to make for a very natural seeming new color. It’s interesting because even unnatural eye colors, like honey or amethyst, can end up looking natural when made with this kind of depth. It’s truly striking.

In all other ways, Colorblends are normal two-week contact lenses. They are worn daily and taken out at night with minimal fuss or bother. After two weeks you can just discard them and open up a new pair so that protein doesn’t accumulate and you never have dry, itchy eyes or blurry moments.

If you want to try out a new eye color, ask your doctor about Freshlook Colorblends.

Choosing the Best Contacts: Sponsored by


Different lifestyles call for different eyewear, which is why it isn’t always so easy to figure out the best contacts for you. An optometrist can give you a prescription, but his or her office may lack the variety you feel is necessary to make a good choice. This is where online research will prove invaluable. Comparing different product reviews and selecting a company that can ship your purchase within a short span of time is definitely less expensive than buying through more traditional channels. is a leader in direct-to-consumer contact lens shipment, offering the best prices you will find anywhere on contacts ranging from Purevision, to O2 Optix, to Acuvue Oasys.

What sets the website apart from more common outlets for eyewear is that we do not rely on retail space or licensed opticians in order to conduct business. Our overhead is very small compared to what a doctor’s office or mall front store is facing, and we choose to reflect that difference in the prices we place on our products. All major brands are represented in our comprehensive database and easily found with drop down menus or the search feature on the site. Our team of support representatives are also available during business hours to assist you through the prescription submission and ordering process to make certain you have an effortless buying experience.

We offer lenses for all levels of replacement cycles. Some users prefer to wear models that they can simply throw away at the end of a day of use. This eliminates the need for overnight storage or stocking up on tons of saline solution. But this can be a bit more expensive than going with brands that let you repeatedly use a pair for upwards of a month without any replacement. It all depends on your level of comfort and how much work you would like to have to put into your daily wear cycle. We even carry types that allow you to keep lenses in overnight for days at a time, such as Biofinity.

We can also provide contact lenses for astigmatism sufferers, known as toric lenses. Toric refers to the shape of the cornea (eyeball) of someone who has astigmatism and toric lenses are lenses that are shaped to fit on such a toric curve. Toric lenses are highly specialized because they have to stay right-side-up at all times; they have a “top” and a “bottom” unlike normal contact lenses. The difficulty of keeping toric lenses right-side-up is why they took so long to be developed and perfected, but now they are very common and are often even a superior solution over glasses for some astigmatism sufferers. The lenses carry a faint imprint to help you orient them right when putting them in each morning. Once in, the design of the back (concave) side of the lens helps keep them properly oriented, and a thinner construction means they’re lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time.

And prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of colored contact lens options too. Fresh Look Colored Contact Lenses are one of our leading products here at People who try out FreshLook ColorBlends quickly come to rely on the brand because they create such a striking and believable difference in eye color. We frequently hear people say that people they meet can’t tell they are wearing contacts when they wear ColorBlends and that people assume it is their natural eye color. These lenses will draw people’s attention and get a lot of compliments. Even friends who know it is not your natural eye color will like the way it looks on you.

The reason ColorBlends are able to achieve such results is that they aren’t just tinted lenses. They are made with a special technology that combines layers of color on the lens. Each color of FreshLook ColorBlends is actually made with three different colors in it. They also allow just a little bit of your natural eye color to show through too, so that your natural color combines with the three color tones of the lenses to make for a striking, rich and convincing new eye color that is unique to you.

But to be clear, only sells contact lenses to individuals with legitimate prescriptions provided by a licensed eye care provider, a prescription that any patient can obtain just by asking. Only an eye doctor can tell you what contacts, if any, are or are not appropriate for your eyes—but at we can make sure that you can buy those contacts as cheaply, and get them as quickly, as possible.



The Worth of a Purevision Contact Lenses Review

Name brand contacts are all fairly expensive, so if you want to spend your money wisely, you should read a thorough and descriptive Purevision contact lenses review that is unbiased and straightforward. Some reviews may even point you in the direction of a retail provider that is far cheaper than standard ones. All this may sound like a lot of work, but even if you have an Internet-enabled cell phone, you should have no problems turning yourself into a savvy consumer within a very short amount of time. Every product, no matter how well-known or affordable, should always be weighed against others, and for every positive point there is bound to be a negative one.

A basic internet search for ‘cheap contact lenses Purevision will probably not yield the results that you want. Remember that advertisers pay good money to appear in the first few results of any major search engine, so you will be less likely to find a helpful review and more likely to fall into a promotional website that distorts the facts in order to encourage you to make an impulsive purchase. Considering that many Purevision products typically go for retail prices well over $50 dollars, a big focus of your hunt should be for a website that offers special deals to reduce that number. This may come in the form of a mail-in rebate or as an offer that brings down the cost-per-box for each additional one that you order. Every outlet is different, and you should also verify that the one you decide to buy boxes from is considered trustworthy by previous customers.

Going back to the specific review points that you should notice, make sure that the person writing the account does not have any affiliation or interest in selling the product that they are reviewing. Full-disclosure on the part of promotional interests will generally be tucked away somewhere near the bottom of the page. Look for testimonials that relate to your own wear schedule, so that if you plan to sleep with your contacts in once and a while, that such a practice is talked about so you will have a better sense of what to expect of the product.